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On October 24, 2007 in the National Gallery of the Republic of Macedonia the exposition of visual poetry by Bishop Metodij Zlatanov was opened. On the exposition named “Sanctus” his works from the last 20 years have been exhibited.

What impressed me the most was the rediscovering of the enormous creative space and freedom which the Church gives to the man thirsty for creation. The Orthodoxy is not some kind of conserved faith from the past – it is living and capable to accept in itself, to transfigurate through itself and bring to perfection all the forms of human creation. Thanks to events like this one it will be possible to break the senseless stereotypes about the seeming contradictions between the science, the art, the contemporary, on one hand – and the Church life, on the other. The teaching of the Holy Fathers shows us something completely different from this rigid attitude towards the Christian spirituality: exactly through the Church and in the Church – every creativity obtains its meaning and realization. This way it becomes a real gift to God and a blessed means on the way towards the sanctification of the world.

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